Thursday, June 6, 2013

Evil Bunnies

No doubt if I were to tell that there is a Rex Rabbit and a New Zealand White Rabbit wandering in and out of my yard, this is what you would think of. Your next thought would probably be "awwwe they're so cute and cuddly looking" NOT SO! These bunnies are pure evil!! These rabbits have driven me to fits of running around the side of my house waving my arms and screaming like a mad woman. It was apparently the "non-thought" of my neighbor that we live on a farm and it is perfectly natural to just open the cage of ones rabbits one day, and simply turn them out into the neighborhood. A small neighborhood I might add, that is a direct offshoot of the highway. Needless to say I have waged war on these bunnies

This was my morning ritual...until yesterday.

I embarked on a quest to the massive keep that is Home Depot, to acquire the necessary materials for a Hoophouse!

Which after really not as much money as I was thinking it would cost, (and only about an hour of work) resulted is this lovely enclosure for the hard work and patience that is part of my garden.

There is netting over the pipe, that you probably can't see.


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