Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peoples Pig

My roommate and I were in Portland yesterday, and decided to lunch at the Food Carts since she had never experienced them. I of coarse took her to the Dump Truck, but forgot to take pictures of the delicious dumplings before devouring them all on the spot. I'm pretty sure we both would have been just fine had the lady running the truck just tossed them to us like hungry seals catching fish. Being that we were no longer ravenously hungry after the dumplings I was able to enjoy the next stop a little more. I decided on a sandwich from the Peoples Pig truck. It was a delicious sandwich...however it tasted NOTHING like what the name of it promised. This suppose to be a Pork Mole Sandwich...there was not a trace of Mole flavor as far am I was concerned. It tasted like a delicious short rib sandwich with a little bit of vinegary spice, and some zesty arugula to top it all off. I would eat it again in a heart beat, but if Mole is what you are craving I do not suggest you order this sandwich.


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