Thursday, May 30, 2013

Personal Pizzas

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I know you have all had that day when you look in the fridge and say "I have no food!" When in all actuality you have plenty of things to eat...they just may be odds and ends and leftovers you're pretty tired of. Well let me tell you, if you have flour, salt, yeast, sugar and can make personal pizzas out of what is in the fridge. I made three separate pizzas with what I found in my fridge and it gave a whole new look and flavor to my dull leftovers.

Kale and Kalamata Olive Pizza with Parmesan Cheese

Pulled Pork Pizza

Stand Mixer (Large glass bowl and wooden spoon if you don't have a mixer)
Glass Measuring Cup
Individual Pizza pans, Large Pizza Pan or Baking Sheet (Just depends on what you have available)
Cutting Board

3C. All Purpose Flour
1pkg Yeast (2.5t)
3t. Salt
1T. White Sugar
2T Oil (I used olive because it's what I have)
3T. Fresh Chopped Herbs, one each- Parsley, Oregano and Chives
1C. Warm Water

Mix flour through herbs together in mixer or large bowl. Add in oil and water and mix until all combined. Turn out onto very lightly floured surface, and kneed until everything is just combined nicely and there are no flour spots, or wet spots from the liquid.
Divide dough into desired size (depending on size and quantity of pizzas)
Roll out dough as thick or thin as you would like. I myself prefer and nice thing crust, so I roll it out to about 1/4" It will puff up a bit in the oven...remember it has yeast.

Preheat oven to 375

While the oven is preheating prepare your toppings. Keep in mind these toppings are things I already had in my fridge from previous meals. Pizza is only as restricted as your imagination. Have some fun with it.
When oven has preheated, I like to cook my crust (puncture it with a fork a couple times) for about 10-15 minutes with nothing on it, to insure that the crust does not get soggy on the bottom once the ingredients are added.

Chicken breast with peppers and onion cooked in chili powder, garlic, salt and cummin
Pepperjack Cheese
BBQ Sauce

Slather the crust with BBQ sauce, top with your chicken, peppers and onions, and cover with desired amount of cheese.
Bake for about 20 minutes.

BBQ Sauce
Previously cooked pulled pork
Caramelized Onions
Pepperjack Cheese

Slather crust with BBQ sauce and top with pork, onions and cheese.
Bake for about 20 minutes.

Olive Oil
Shredded Fresh Kale
Caramelized Onions
Sliced Kalamata Olives
Parmesan Cheese
Fresh Chopped Chives

Brush some olive oil on the crust. Arrange kale and onions on top of the crust, sprinkle on your olives and bit of fresh herbs and parmesan cheese.
Bake for about 20 minutes.

I realize these recipes are a bit vague, but they are more for ideas than a strict guideline to follow. Have some fun with the toppings and don't be afraid to experiment.


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