Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Faces

These lovely ladies have been recently added to my property, and my growing little urban farm.

I've been wanting chickens for well over a year now, but something always prevented me from getting them...until a couple of weeks ago. The perfect opportunity presented itself. I already had a great area fenced in, where they can be free range birds without destroying my garden or get run over by a neighbor if they wandered out of the yard. It's essentially a giant dog least that's what it was suppose to be. It was put up for my dog, but I have sadly come into the knowledge that he is allergic to grass! Of all things for him to be allergic to, it had to be grass. The poor guy loves laying down in the grass too, but he breaks out in hives like crazy after being in it. Anyways, since he can't use it why not let it be a chicken run. An add turned up for some pullets on Craigslist in my area (actually turned out to be just up the street from my friends parents house)that would be perfect for me. My original plan was to get four chickens, however the day I picked up the four ladies, so many people showed interest in getting eggs from me that I decided to go back and get the two he had remaining the next day. There are three Australorps and three Black Sexlinks. They are all 9 months old now, and one of them has just begun to lay a couple of days ago.

My first egg...I'm pretty sure it was laid by the lovely and talented Blanche

Comer y Crecer

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