Friday, November 9, 2012

Chantarelles Are Here!

A friend of mine who goes mushroom picking, dropped by my work the other day and delivered a little bundle of gold...freshly picked Chanterelle Mushrooms! This is going to be one of those recipes that I didn't measure a thing and just tossed things together until it smelled to my liking. I will try my best to lay out some sort of measurement guidelines to follow though.

Pan with a lid
Cutting board

Chicken Thighs (6 boneless skinless)
Olive Oil
Butter (unsalted is best) about 1.5Tbl.
Shallot, roughly chopped
White Wine 3/4-1C
Chicken Broth 1.5C
Flour 2Tbl
Salt and Pepper

Clean off any excess fat on your chicken, pat dry, salt and pepper and set aside.

Heat oil and butter together over medium heat in your pan. Add the chicken and cook about 2-3 minutes on each side. Sprinkle shallots on chicken and poor wine around the chicken. Cover and cook (undisturbed) for 20 minutes.

When chicken is cooked remove from pan and tent with foil to keep it warm.

Whisk flour into chicken broth before you add it to the pan (it will help prevent lumps). Whisk your broth/flour mixture into the wine/butter that's already in the pan. Bring the liquid to a simmer, then lower the heat, add your chopped mushrooms and cook (covered) just until mushrooms are done...overcooked mushrooms are like chewing on rubber. Return your chicken thighs to the pan just to ensure that they are warm all the way through.

Serve Chicken thighs with your sauce poured over top.


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